Google Assistant Beta Launched

Great news, we recently received approval for beta test on Google Assistant!! Our team of beta testers are so excited to see Agile Junior in action on Google platforms.

What is Google Assistant

Google assistant is the AI powered virtual assistant developed by Google which is available on smart phones and Google Home. It is google’s answer to Siri and Alexa.




Why Beta test on Google Platforms

1. We are building voice and text capabilities in parallel. As Agile Junior learns new skills, it is being tested in text and audio format.

2. It enables early feedback from Google on our design and strategy. For example, recently Google reported a bug in our Agile Junior design which was resulting in unnecessary resource consumption for the users (Yes, Google actually does test new actions as they are released to market – even in beta stage. I truly appreciate that and admire google for this).

3. We are able to showcase Agile Junior on various platforms using smartphones or Google Home. Recently we did a couple of demo and the response has been amazing.


What’s Next

As we mentioned, we already have received some constructive feedback from Google. Our team would be working on it. We are also making some design changes to align with their guidelines.
We would be launching some beta versions in October with new skills, knowledge and updated design. Our beta testers and contributors are in for some cool new tricks and surprises!!

It is going to be so much fun!!


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